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Integrations have landed

By Stuart Kinsey | April 20, 2015
Integrations have landed

Introducing the first of our automated data integrations: Google Analytics.

The latest SimpleKPI update takes the pain out of integrating data from other systems directly into your SimpleKPI account, it’ll now be easier for you to get the information you need at a glance.

With the Google analytics integrations, you can utilise SimpleKPI to take data directly from your Google analytics account and display that in Dashboards, reports and interrogate the data in analytics.

The introduction of integrations also provides the functionality to merge these KPIs within calculated KPIs, bringing together various data from other parts of the business and creating truly insightful and automated KPIs.

More integrations are planned in the coming months as we look to expand the SimpleKPI automated data collection capabilities.


January Update 2015

By Stuart Kinsey | January 14, 2015
January Update 2015

Need more choice about which device to view your SimpleKPI account on? We’ve been working to get the application all ready for mobile optimisation, and now you can view your account on any of the most popular mobile devices.

Some more notable updates and fixes:

  • RAG consistency fixes between Reports and Dashboards.
  • CSV upload update to manage commas correctly.
  • Fix to new calendar control to show all date ranges.
  • Icon changes to show more consistently on mobile devices.


More information on the new features, the latest support and training documents can be found at

October Update 2014

By Paulo De Sousa | October 24, 2014
October Update 2014

Today we're making some very important changes to SimpleKPI. We’ve been working on a solution to enhance the way dates are selected across the application, making it easier to select and customise date periods. With the new calendar control you are no longer limited to specific date periods, you can now choose from a selection of present, previous and last with the ability to tailor these selections to your specific needs.

The new calendar control is now live on your SimpleKPI account. Please take it for a test drive and let us know what you think.

You can learn more about the new date control on our support site here.

More information on the new features and the latest training documents can be found at

August Update 2014

By Paulo De Sousa | August 12, 2014
August Update 2014

Until now Dashboard sharing has been restricted within the system but you can now choose to publicly share your beautifully crafted and insightful dashboards with colleagues, clients or the whole world simply by sharing with them your unique dashboard link.

And sharing is as simple as creating your dashboard and generating a public link, then whatever data is updated in your SimpleKPI account will show in real-time on your public KPI dashboard. Learn more about public dashboard sharing.

We have improved our PIE graphs with the addition of a multiple KPI graph. You can now select which KPIs to display across the graph and as with all the SimpleKPI graphs you can customise these to you hearts content

Some other notable changes and fixes:

  • Super caching has been implemented across the application, making dashboards lightening quick.
  • Fixed an issue with negative RAG not displaying properly.
  • Added two new date ranges to the graph controls.


More information about public Sharing can be found on our support site

Gauge your KPIs

By Stuart Kinsey | July 08, 2014
Gauge your KPIs

We’ve been busy with more than just strengthening our product with speed optimisation this month; we have also strengthened the dashboard with a new set of Gauges.

You can now choose from three NEW types of Gauges:

  • The standard Gauge for KPI tracking against a target.
  • The Goal Based Gauge to visualise progress towards a time based goal.
  • The threshold, or RAG Gauge for setting Red, Amber and Green indicators against your KPIs.


More information about these new chart types can be found at

April Update 2014

By Paulo De Sousa | April 29, 2014
April Update 2014

Introducing colour coded KPI performance.

Using indicators to guide decisions is a critical part of performance management. To help you better understand how your KPIs are performing we've added ‘threshold indicators’ for a more intuitive way to monitor your KPI performance.

The new Traffic light based indicators instantly signal KPI performance and alert users in real time to key changes in your metrics.

Some other notable changes and fixes:

  • 2 New Reports added to standard reports
  • Added direction indicators to excel exports
  • Added the choice of '% of target' or '% variance' in the system settings.


For a closer look at the latest new features, jump into your account. As always we would love to hear what you think.


March Update 2014

By Paulo De Sousa | March 25, 2014
March Update 2014

We've made some big improvements to SimpleKPI in our latest update; included in this release is a significant performance boost, support for multiple languages and more extensive print options.

We're also very happy to announce we support report sharing across the application.

With this release you can now:

Change your default language settings.
Take advantage of a new pricing model for large user volumes.
Choose which days of the week appear on KPI entry.
Print dashboards in landscape and portrait modes as well as choosing from an individual chart on separate pages or all on the same page.
Share your reports with other users, showing restricted or all data.

Financial year calculation fix.
Date labels now appearing in sequence for some chart types.

Phew! Now we’re back to working on more SimpleKPI updates and fixes.


January Update 2014

By Paulo De Sousa | January 16, 2014
January Update 2014

We’re back! Introducing our first update of 2014.

Super Flexible KPI Reporting
With this release you can now do more with your reporting tools. We have introduced a series of commonly used reports to quickly identify the best and worst performing of your KPIs. You can now monitor all of a user’s KPIs in one place and enhanced printing and formatting functions means a more consistent and structured report output.

New user type
We have created a new user type within SimpleKPI for those users you wish to assign data to but do not need to access the system directly. And best of all, this user type is absolutely free for our enterprise subscriptions.

More updates and fixes:

  • Templates and the KPI library have been upgraded and reinstated
  • Improved the PDF export for both the reports and dashboards
  • Calculated KPI default targets now displaying for all days
  • Some small images and interface tweaks


For a closer look at the latest new features, jump into your account. As always we would love to hear what you think.


Say hello to our new Support Centre

By Stuart Kinsey | January 08, 2014
Say hello to our new Support Centre

Providing the very best support, videos and tutorials has always been as important to us as the application itself. We’re pleased to announce the launch of our new support centre, packed with knowledge and practical guides to help get new users up and running as quickly as possible and more in-depth knowledge for seasoned pros.

The new support centre introduces the latest product releases as well as a quick and convenient way to ask questions and get answers.

The easiest and most convenient way for us to provide tangible information about the features and functions of SimpleKPI is to have a first-rate support portal. Every aspect of the portal has been designed to get our users to the right information, video tutorial or FAQ as quickly as possible. Whilst providing easy to understand and relevant information has been a priority we’ve also focused on usability and design in line with our philosophy of keep it simple.

The new support centre can be found at

December Update

By Paulo De Sousa | December 18, 2013
December Update

Since we released the ability to customise the interface you told us that you wanted more control over graph and chart colours, so from today you can customise the colours of the graphs on your dashboards.

Choose to customize nearly every aspect of the graph from axis to heading colours, columns to targets.

Additional Calendar Selections
Date controls have been updated to support more default time periods and ISO week numbers are now supported. You can now choose for a host of pre-defined frequencies for your KPI Reports, Analytics and Dashboard graphs; such as weekly, year to date as well as customizable periods such as present number of months or previous.

Some other notable changes and fixes:

  • Some script updates to improve the efficiency and speed of rendering your graphs and charts
  • Upgraded API
  • Calculated KPI default targets now displaying for all days
  • Some small images and interface tweaks
  • Some bug fixes due to recent browser updates

Learn more about the calendar control and how custom periods can enhance your KPI reporting.

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