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We always believe software should be fit for purpose, fast and more importantly: Simple to use.

SimpleKPI is a KPI Software as a Service (SaaS) application that runs in the cloud. It empowers its users to create, manage, track and visualize their KPIs online without the complexity of traditional business intelligence applications.

SimpleKPI enables you to work better, gain more insights and make smarter decisions for your business. SimpleKPI was built with our passion for great development and design.

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How we got here

Way back in 2007 we were a software development company called Iceberg Software, delivering various online applications for clients such as Phillips, BAE, and GE to name a few.

As a company we had come together from different backgrounds in development, marketing, data analytics, product development and design. We were growing, we enjoyed what we did but if we're honest it wasn't what we really loved, and it wasn't why we originally started the company. Software was our passion, online simple to use software that challenged the dominance of traditional players in terms of affordability and design – and most importantly our software, free from venture funding and above all else 100% independent.

A constant theme among our clients was the need to track, report and visualize their data without the frustrations of large cumbersome BI systems. Step forward the solution; SimpleKPI, good bye software development company – we took the plunge armed with a passion for online software, a small bank balance and a single aim of providing affordable, easy to use KPI tracking to the global SME market.

Where is SimpleKPI Now

Since launching the product in 2012 more than 500 companies across the world rely on us and our software every single day from industries as diverse as Mining to Ice Cream production…and we're still independent, our customers are our only investors.

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Providing insights to our customers

Our cloud hosted approach allows companies such as Drupal, Serco, and Reuters to visualize their KPIs quickly and conveniently.

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SimpleKPI - A brand you can rely on.

From the beginning we have been committed to Simple beautiful and easy to use design. Our users have used 'Refreshing' and 'logical' when comparing us to the host of feature bloated business intelligence applications on the market. We help our users get the best from the software with global 24/7 support and constantly collate feedback that provides the backbone for the next release. Our support system is continually updated with the latest support videos, tutorials and release notes.

Guided by our values and defined by our people

We are based in the UK with a marketing structure covering Europe, a support network that spans the globe. Our people come from various software related disciplines but connected by the passion to create beautifully simple software.

Committed to evolution

The BI landscape is constantly changing, fundamentals of business intelligence that were relevant only months before can quickly become obsolete. We keep our software on the forefront of any changes and shifts in this landscape by listening to our customers. We are in a continuous cycle of collating changing, evolving and releasing updates to the system so our clients have the tools they need to make decisions that better their company performance.

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