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Overhead view of a coffee cup being held on a blue background. The coffee foam has been made into a logo.
15 April 2024

Coffee Shop KPIs

The draw of coffee shops and their inherent rise in the specialty …

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KPI reports: an example of a sales report for management
05 April 2024

KPI Reports explained

A complete guide to crafting compelling KPI Reports with practical examples.

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18 Marketing KPIs in white copy on blue background
02 April 2024

28 Marketing KPI Must Haves

In the ever-evolving marketing landscape, a brand's compass guiding it toward success is its set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

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Tiny steak meal on a blue and green plate with a knife and fork on either side
26 March 2024

KPIs – When less really is more

Measuring everything can mean measuring nothing at all.

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A hybrid photo of a sunflower and a satelitel representing media and comms companies
27 February 2024

How to Optimize Your Media and Telecoms KPIs in 2024

Improve your media and telecoms performance using the latest KPIs, analytics, and best practices.

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two hands joining together with the words Qualitative KPIs to the Rescue in white text
09 February 2024

Qualitative Kpis to the Rescue

How to prevent loosing control of your KPIs.

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green and blue birds flying around an open cage with the words guide to employee KPIs overlayed
22 January 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Employee KPIs

How to create, track and communicate a performance inititive.

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