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KPI Management reloaded

By Paul Conway | July 24, 2017
KPI Management reloaded

July 2017 Update: KPI Management reloaded.

KPI Management has received an overhaul in our Summer update, this release is aimed at making, finding and managing KPIs even easier.

We’ve streamlined many aspects of KPI management, such as the introduction of a search facility, a new way to manage groups and a series of tools that will streamline how you interact with your KPIs.

As companies grow with SimpleKPI so does the amount of data, dashboards and reports – and inevitably as the benefits of tracking become apparent through the organization more and more KPIs are needed to see performance across the entire spectrum of business activities. With this latest update, we hope to have not introduced lots of admin features but also simplified the process of managing KPIs.

The interface has also been upgraded to offer a more intuitive layout in line with May’s user admin update.


Managing users just got a whole lot easier.

By Stuart Kinsey | May 05, 2017
Managing users just got a whole lot easier.

May 2017 Update: Managing users just got a whole lot easier.

We’ve been busy on the latest release for SimpleKPI and we are pleased to announce a whole new user management upgrade. As well as improving the speed at which users can be added and managed we've introduced bulk uploading of users and made assigning KPIs more streamlined.

As companies expand their performance tracking, inevitably the need to accommodate more and more users on the system grows. We’ve acknowledge the issue this creates when administering large amounts of users. From adding users through to assigning KPIs and Targets – and to finding and updating each step of user management has been overhauled.

Some more notable updates and fixes.

  • Cosmetic updates for cross browser compatibility
  • Fixed intermittent caching issues

New Trend graphs and chart sharing.

By Paulo DeSousa | February 02, 2017
New Trend graphs and chart sharing.

February 2017 Update: New trend graphs

We’re continuing to invest heavily in our product updates and in this release, we have added some new trend graphs so you can now visualise your data by various groups users or dates. Then once you’ve done you can now share individual graphs on your website by using the new embedding feature.

The benefit of a KPI trend graphs is that you can very quickly determine performance against target, but more importantly they can show historic trends that can provide valuable insights into potential issue or opportunities.

With the new trend graphs your able to now customize the graph with your own colour scheme to help you spot even the subtlest of trend changes.

We’ve also been focusing on visualising the application across even more mobile devises.


More speed and mobile optimisation

By Paulo DeSousa | December 01, 2016
More speed and mobile optimisation

December 2016 Update: Speed and Optimisation

Performance is king, with this latest update we have jacked up the power and speed of the application making it faster and more responsive than ever.

Critical areas of the application have received a well needed boost, namely the processing of data for the dashboard making graphs appear seamlessly and retrieving even the largest KPI data queries to display in the reports section.

We’ve also been focusing on visualising the application across even more mobile devices. As mobile technology moves ever faster and the growing demand to visualise KPI dashboards on tablets and phones increases - it has been imperative to implement many more optimisation changes across the software that will provide a degree of future coverage on the next generation mobile devices.


Report Sharing, Reporting Rag and 3 new reports

By Paulo DeSousa | August 08, 2016
Report Sharing, Reporting Rag and 3 new reports

August 2016 Update: New Reports and Sharing

Visualising your KPIs across standard reports has always been a powerful attraction for our users, so we’ve enhanced the reports section by adding two more reports, each report provides a drill down feature to collapse or expand the insights of your KPIs.

And sharing these new reports is as simple as creating KPI reports by selecting the KPIs, the date range and a multitude of other variables designed to enhance your KPI visualisations on reports, then sharing this information with colleagues or clients.

Learn more about the new KPI reports and how to spread valuable insights within your organization or fellow colleagues.

Share the new reports with the new report sharing feature.

Other notable updates include speeding up the reports manager so your data is retrieved in double quick time, a simplified reports menu and RAG indicators are now standard across all reports.


Developer API boost, Setting up your account and faster SLA’s

By Stuart Kinsey | June 06, 2016
Developer API boost, Setting up your account and faster SLA’s

June 2016 Update: Developer API Boost

Developer API boost, Setting up your account and faster SLA’s

We’ve made some major changes to our API in this release- making it easier to integrate your most useful applications into SimpleKPI.

The SimpleKPI Application Program Interface (API) is a universal set of routine protocols and tools that enable developers to integrate and take advantage of the features of SimpleKPI. In essence, a communication gateway between whatever application your data resides and SimpleKPI, this process can be automated with minimal programming knowledge and the data then used within the application to visualise or blend with other metrics to create meaningful KPIs.

  • Also in this update:
  • New accounts setup more streamlined.
  • Support SLAs reduced.

You can learn more about the API here


Dashboard Boost

By Paulo DeSousa | March 03, 2016
Dashboard Boost

March 2016 Update: Dashboard Boost

With this release you can now do more with your Dashboards. We've introduced the ability to add Reports to your dashboards, a new dashboard chart type and an all new full screen presentation mode.Great for large screen TVs, boardrooms or presentations.

New Dashboard Charts

This update adds a new single column graph for quickly visualising how any of your users or groups contribute to the value of a KPI.

Presentation Mode.

Any of your dashboards can now be viewed in full screen mode allowing more charts and graphs to be visible at any one time. In addition, dashboards can now be rotated automatically at regular time intervals.


The entire collection of standard reports can now be added to Dashboards to improve your KPI visibility. Choose from over 10 reports with the ability to filter by KPIs, Users and dates.

You can find out about this latest dashboard update along with many other new features on the support portal.


SimpleKPI Pricing Plan Update

By Stuart Kinsey | February 02, 2016
SimpleKPI Pricing Plan Update

February 2016 Update: SimpleKPI Pricing Plan Update

We have been working on changing our SimpleKPI Plans as a result of a mixture of feedback from the community, fair usage and new features – our aim is for the new plans to offer more flexibility in pricing and offering our users only the features they use and not paying for those they don't.

The new plans comprise of three different tiers, each designed for different sizes of company and usage. The basic plan will offer those smaller companies with only a single user the most basic of SimpleKPI features, whilst the Enterprise plan is designed for organizations who need all the features plus data integrations and increased support.

The aim is to provide a fairer more balanced approach to price and features across all of our clients.


Flexible Data Entry

By Paulo De Sousa | September 16, 2015
Flexible Data Entry

September 2015 Update: Flexible data entry.

More flexible data entry options

We’ve been working to make it easier and more efficient than ever to add your data. There are now two options for manually entering your KPI data, we’ve retained the single entry and enhanced this with a ‘spreadsheet’ type multiple entry for entering and managing lots of your data all in one place. The data entry has further been upgraded with a new calendar and navigation tools.

Updated KPI Management

Managing your KPIs has been bolstered to include a more intuitive layout and actions tools so you can manage multiple KPIs at the same time.

Some more notable updates and fixes…

Adding a KPI data entry via the API now gives the correct error message if the KPI is not assigned to the user.

Fixed issues with the data cache on the dashboard not being cleared correctly.


Make a Note

By James | May 16, 2015
Make a Note

Need more information about your data? We’ve been working to get notes and descriptions more visible throughout the application. As well as viewing notes on charts and reports you can now add meaningful stories to your stats with full descriptions on any of your dashboard views.

The new notes functionality will allow users wanting to add some additional detail to the data behind their entries, managers can also take advantage of this feature by commenting on a user’s entries. The notes feature can even be used to store addition information such as activities and tasks. Notes can then be pulled together for a KPI in the reports section of the application.

Some more notable updates and fixes…

  • Copy a Dashboard to yourself, another user or whole groups.
  • Updates to Icons across the application.
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