Simple KPI Reports Designed to relieve the burden of KPI Reporting

The KPI Reporting platform

SimpleKPI offers a complete range of multi-dimensional KPI reports that can be produced to relieve the burden of report collation and distribution, as well as analysis of financial and statistical data. Simple KPI Reports highlight key trends that may be buried in the snowstorm of data you currently receive and are designed to deliver management the key information as quickly and conveniently as possible.

With scheduled KPI reporting, management can already have a clear and accurate picture of detailed performance, allowing you to focus more effectively.

Simple KPI Reporting

Standard KPI Reporting

We take a best practice approach with our KPI reporting, each standard KPI report will highlight the most important information for your business in the most intuitive way. Standard KPI Reports are able to offer a foundation for your KPI reporting needs and include reports such as: historical performance reports, reports by individual up to company level – and dynamic reports that allow you to drill into the data.

Simple KPI Reporting

Customised KPI reports

Simple KPI makes KPI reporting maintenance, collation and distribution effortless. As a part of the report customisation process, we will assist you in selecting or designing the most appropriate reports for your business. All customized reports may then be distributed for use by everybody on the system or restricted by user or management level.

Customized KPI Reporting

Online KPI Reporting

Delivering management, financial and operational reports online, allows remote access from any location. All KPI reports are available instantly, you can choose to deliver real-time reports to multiple users and distribute the KPI reports in PDF, Word or Excel formats

Online KPI Reporting

The benefits of KPI reports

KPI reporting has many facets to its benefits; some based on good management principals others on simplification and common sense. If time and care is taken to plan and implement a KPI reporting strategy; organisations can benefit from:

  • Trend performance information over past and present time periods.
  • Balanced information that is credible and clearly understood.
  • Make quicker decisions.
  • Spot market or efficiency trends.
  • A structured view of the data with a specific aim or goal.
  • Making decisions based on facts not feelings.
  • Consistent reporting structure reducing time and mistakes from 'data overthink', particularly from multiple and unreliable perspectives.

Getting Started with KPI Reporting

Planning is fundamental for implementing a KPI reporting strategy. Putting together a good plan of objectives, targets and goals for the report will smooth the process and provide the maximum benefit from your KPI Reporting.

Decide how and when your reports will be used, perhaps at monthly management meetings or daily for production monitoring.

Establish who the audience is, this could be internal or external and could include financial or operational data.

Define your KPIs - keep it simple, only key data should be included at this stage, it is always better to add the KPIs you are missing than to rehash a large amount of KPIs.

Choose the best way to display the data, graphs are good but sometimes a good old fashioned data list will work even better.

Appoint a data advocate. Someone who decides how (manually, automated or a mixture of the two) and when data should be integrated into your reporting system.

Monitor frequently. Nobody gets their KPI reporting right first time, as business needs and goals change so do the KPIs. Assessing the KPIs and the benefits on a regular basis can help you maximise your reporting.

Schedule summary KPI Reports detailing performance information for different areas of your business. KPI reports can be delivered in excel, PDF or word and allow management to keep an overall view of KPI performance across the organisation. KPI Reports can focus on weekly, monthly or any combination of time frames to deliver the right KPI information at the right time to the right person.

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