KPI Templates To overcome the challenge of finding the right KPIs for your business, we have collected our most popular KPI examples by category and conveniently packaged these into KPI templates. All of these KPI templates are available on SimpleKPI.

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Human Resources KPIs

14 July 2015

A set of Human Resource focused KPIs design for all industries to assist with various aspects of managing employees such as Cost per hire, Health Care Costs and HR Expenses. Every KPI within the HR template has been selected by industry experts to offer a unique set of KPIs in which to create or optimise your own HR performance strategy.

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Manufacturing KPIs

Drive productivity by leveraging these 18 important manufacturing KPIs.

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The most popular KPIs for measuring progress towards your SEO goals.

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Construction KPIs

Essential Construction KPIs to identify productivity, safety and delivery issues.

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Retail KPIs

16 KPIs that every retail outlet needs to know.

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Rental and Lettings KPIs

Top performance Rental and lettings KPIs.

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Sales KPIs

Crucial sales KPIs for reporting and performance improvement.

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Call Center focused KPIs

Essential customer service KPIs; measure, monitor and improve your call centre performance.

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Financial KPIs

A collection of the most common financial KPIs for any organisation.

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Library KPIs

Performance improvement focused KPIs for educational and public libraries.

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