Retail KPIs Template

16 KPIs that every retail outlet needs to know.

About this Template

16 KPIs

A Retail focused KPI template designed to help all facets of retail outlet performance across multiple industries. This template assists in monitoring Retail KPIs such as cost of goods, Gross Margin, Retail Price and Net Sales. Each KPI has been designed to offer a manageable set of Retail KPIs – which will provide a standard approach to Retail KPI performance tracking.

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KPIs in this template

  • Average Basket Spend

    The average amount spent per transaction

  • Average Shopping Time

    The average shopping time for the period

  • Cost of Goods

    The retail price minus the markup = Cost of Goods

  • Customer Retention

    The number of repeat customers compared to first time purchasers

  • Fixed Cost Per period

    The total cost of opening for the period

  • Gross Margin

    Total sales minus the cost of goods

  • Gross Sales

    The total value of all sales

  • Net Sales

    Gross Sales - Returns and Allowances

  • Offline Sales

    Offline Sales / In-Store

  • Online Purchases

    Online purchases

  • Online Vs Instore purchases

    The percentage of online to store purchases

  • Retail Price

    The total cost of Goods plus the markup

  • Returns & Allowances

    The valus of Returns & Allowances

  • Shop Visitors

    the number of visits

  • Transaction Count

    The amount of transactions

  • Visitor buying Ratio

    Visitors buying ratio

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