KPI Analytics Performance from the big picture to the smallest detail.

The devils in the detail – with advanced KPI analysis drill down and identify root cause.

In today's fast paced world of business, decisions are made on enormous amounts of data; therefore it is crucial that the right data can be accessed quickly to make the right decisions – having that real-time information can make the difference between success and survival.

KPI Analytics to highlight KPI performance

KPI Analysis can provide your business, managers and users with a clear and accurate view of short-term KPI performance and long-term trends.

KPI Analysis provides a great analytical overview for all levels of users and management. By observing trends, the KPI Analysis engine makes identifying KPI performance over time simple.

Highlight Key Performers

Drill down into the data to determine root cause, highlight top performers and identify organisational weaknesses. View KPIs alongside any number of additional KPIs that are crucial to your business success. SimpleKPI ensures that you have complete visibility of your key performance indicators. When it comes to being able to determine exactly where your company, resources and goals stand; SimpleKPI provides you with fundamental KPI analysis.