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22 KPI Dashboard Examples

We’ve created a series of industry-fueled KPI dashboard examples to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Browse dashboards covering industries such as marketing, sales, retail, and many more. You can take advantage of these for inspiration or as a base for customizing to your own unique requirements.

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KPI Dashboard on blue background with question mark above

What are KPI Dashboards?

A simple yet comprehensive guide for both beginners and seasoned professionals looking to implement a KPI Dashboard.

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A KPI report on a blue background

How to build KPI Reports?

Learn how different reports can improve performance by seeing more detailed information across an organization.

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Understanding Business Dashboards

A guide to creating, implementing and monitoring both operational and strategic dashboards.

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monitor displaying a line graph with Key performance indicator icons behind

What are Key Performance Indicators?

Learn more about these performance measures and how they are used.

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Business Performance Glossary

Get to grips with all the latest buzz words, definitions and jargon surrounding performance tracking.

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Getting Started

A step by step guide to setting up your SimpleKPI account with videos and tutorials.

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Dashboard Charts and Graphs

Selecting the right charts, graphs and gauges to visualize your data on a dashboard.

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KPI Library

Explore over 200 KPIs, ready for you to use and customize.

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SimpleKPI Customers

See the great customers using SimpleKPI to track their KPIs

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Free KPI Generator

Get KPIs for any industry or business area for free, use our free AI KPI engine to reduce the time taken to research and generate KPIs for your business.

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KPI Templates

Choose for a variety of best practice industry based templates and connect them directly into your SimpleKPI account.

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Developer API

Connect your data, metrics and measures to SimpleKPI from nearly any data source, application or database.

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Get all the support videos and tutorials you need, and get all your SimpleKPI questions answered by the support team.

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Get answers to the most frequently answered questions, and if you cant find one simply ask.

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