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"As a start-up, measuring what we do is critical in keeping us on our path to success. As we all know, those things you measure, you get better at. SimpleKPI allows us to track our most important metrics."

"The Dashboards are a great tool for us to spot trends and get valuable insights that would otherwise have remained a mystery, and with the export feature we don't have to create separate excel charts. Great work, we love it!"

"As a fast growth startup VoxPopMe very much operates under a build measure learn principle. Using Simple KPI has enabled us to identify and track key performance indicators that are relevant to us and share these with the team."

"It is a fantastic product for centralizing metrics from a really broad range of sources. We are using SimpleKPI to track App Downloads, Social Interactions, Sales Data, Key Financials, App Usage and many other things that drive the decisions in the business. As a development led company we are also exploring the API which will allow us to automate 95% of all our KPI's. I would thoroughly recommend SimpleKPI to anyone looking to build KPI dashboards of stats from multiple sources."

"SimpleKPI fits in the philosophy of Dishman Netherlands: don't make thing more difficult than they are. SimpleKPI is the perfect tool to present a KPI plan and monitor our performance against targets and set goals ."

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