Getting Started with your SimpleKPI Account

Start Tracking your KPIs in just a few simple steps

Three simple steps

SimpleKPI is the modern way to create, manage and visualize KPI data for organizations of all sizes. Whatever your industry, department or Job role – you can easily setup the KPIs unique to your business and start benefiting from the insights that KPI tracking provide.
Getting started with SimpleKPI could not be easier. Simply create a trial, add your KPIs, get your data in and you're up and running.

As easy as...

Add your KPIs

If you already know the KPIs you want to use you can add them manually or upload an existing spreadsheet. SimpleKPI also comes pre-loaded with a KPI library where you can browse existing KPIs and add them to your account. In addition you can choose from one of the pre-existing KPI templates.

Add your Data

You can choose to get your data into SimpleKPI in a combination of ways: Add your data manually using the data entry facility, upload an existing spreadsheet, integrate with an existing application or use the API to link to any of your existing data sources.

View and Share Reports and Dashboards

Once you have your KPIs and Data setup; Dashboards and KPI reports come to life, you can customize, delete or add new Dashboards or Reports to your account. And once your happy with your setup you can share any of your reports or dashboards with your colleagues.

Getting started guide

Our goal is to help you succeed and so we've created a list of our best ways to get started with SimpleKPI:

The getting started guide

Follow a getting started tutorial leading you through the simple steps needed to get your account up and running, the guide covers Adding KPIs, Getting data into your account, setting up dashboards, setting up KPI reports

Tutorials and Videos

You can find a comprehensive list of video tutorials and guides on our Knowledge portal. The portal covers all aspects of the system from Importing KPIs, creating groups to setting up targets and sharing Dashboards, it also covers more advanced features such data integrations and in depth analysis.

Online Help and support

Need help setting up your account? - Just get in touch. SimpleKPI comes with the full support of a dedicated team that can assist with your account setup and help deal with any issues you have during the process.

You can find out more about our support service here.


You can also find the answers to some of the most common questions regarding account setups by visiting the FAQ page, such as: What happens after the trial expires, How much does it cost and How safe is my data.

Just a few simple steps and your on your way.

It's simple to start tracking your KPIs

SimpleKPI is a hosted cloud solution so there is no software to install, no servers to maintain and we handle all of the security of your data. To get the best user experience, we recommend using the latest browsers Chrome, Firefox or IE 11. Help in setting up your KPI's? – send us your spreadsheets and a support member will help you get started. There are a range of guides and videos allowing you to get started straight away. All plans come with a free 14 day, no commitment, no payment needed trial.

Get started with a SimpleKPI Account