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Tracking KPIs for growth

Just as the processes within a business need to run smoothly and efficiently, so too does the direction. A business that has a clear direction, combined with the tools to measure progress against performance has a clear advantage over their competitors. Tracking KPIs enables everyone within the business to focus on goals, they create valuable insights into those areas of the business that are, or are not performing well and highlight potential opportunities for growth.

Essentially, all organizations regardless of size generate data in their day to day operations. This data is then used to fuel Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that have been created to measure performance against strategic goals for the business. The data is also used for the day to day management of the business, such as, manufacturing focused performance data or individual performance metrics.

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Dedicated KPI Tracking Software

Typically, businesses begin tracking metrics and KPIs using spreadsheet software like Excel or Google Sheets. However, it soon becomes evident that manually extracting data from various sources, creating KPIs, and inputting data becomes labor-intensive. Moreover, the need arises to share these KPI dashboards and reports with colleagues, clients, and suppliers. Hence, a comprehensive solution that consolidates everything in one place is considered the optimal choice.

SimpleKPI offers an online subscription service that comes with numerous advantages. It requires no upfront investment, eliminates internal IT costs and server expenses, and enables the automation of data from various other business applications.

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What are the benefits of KPI Tracking Software?

Using KPI tracking to visualize performance on a KPI Dashboard or report saves time by combining multiple data sources into one easy to see Dashboard or Report.

  • Provides a one version of the truth for KPI performance management.
  • Focusing on what really matters for the business through KPI tracking improves efficiency and productivity.
  • Provides a common, easily understood and structured approach to performance management
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Frequently Asked Questions

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KPI tracking is the process of capturing data points generated by a process and using that data to produce Key Performance Indicators. These indicators are then used to measure progress against specific goals and objectives, often represented in easy to digest charts and graphs using KPI Dashboards and KPI Reports.

Yes, you can track KPIs by frequency such as Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly.

Yes, you can track your KPIs by both a set frequency target such as monthly or a goal based on a specific value or date.

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