KPI Tracking Track KPIs, create data visualisations and reports.

Track KPIs across your business

Tracking KPIs allows an organization to monitor business performance compared to its strategic objectives and goals.

Although KPIs can vary not only between different industries but also companies within the same industry, the process of capturing, reporting, analysing and visualising performance of the KPIs remains relatively similar.

KPI Tracking improves business performance

KPI Reporting is not just restricted to looking at the whole organisational performance such as turnover or gross profit, but can also be used to look at specific areas such as marketing or sales.

KPI Tracking also provides all the information needed to visualise the performance of these KPIs, regardless of the complexity of the KPIs – KPI Dashboards can provide simplistic visual aids such as charts, graphs and widgets that assist in making better business decisions quickly and factually based.

The 4 main benefits of KPI Tracking:

  • Using KPI tracking to visualise performance on a KPI Dashboard or report saves time by combining multiple data sources into one easy to see Dashboard or Report.
  • Provides a one version of the truth for KPI performance management.
  • Focusing on what really matters for the business through KPI tracking improves efficiency and productivity.
  • Provides a common, easily understood and structured approach to performance management

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