KPI software for simple KPI tracking, KPI Reports, KPI Dashboards and analytics. Manage the Key Performance Indicators that help drive your business forward with SimpleKPI.

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KPI Software

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The easiest way to create, manage and visualise your Key Performance Indicators.

KPI Dashboards KPI Dashboards

Powerful and flexible KPI dashboards bring your data to life in real-time.

KPI Reports KPI Reports

A host of standard and customisable KPI Reports to improve performance reporting.

KPI Analytics KPI Analytics

Streamlined KPI analytics for discovering the truth in your data.

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Simplicity and usability truly unique amongst KPI software

SimpleKPI is a complete online KPI software tool, brimming with all the functionality needed to create, manage and monitor all your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Simple and easy to use KPI Software

SimpleKPI helps companies of all sizes track and propel their performance. It's ready to use as soon as you create an account and because it's web-based, you can access your KPI software anywhere, and from any device.

  • Create KPIs across multiple sites, departments or offices
  • Manage business performance with easy-to-use KPI management tools
  • Monitor business KPI performance with real-time KPI dashboards and KPI reports
  • Gain insight through KPI analysis tools
  • Share visualisations via Dashboards, KPI Reports or analytics views
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Robust KPI Reports for companies, departments and teams of all sizes

The KPI Reports in SimpleKPI offer both summary and detailed information on your Key Performance Indicators. They provide a complete picture of your targets, goals and performance.

KPI Reports for Key Performance Indicator Tracking

Business decisions should never be made blindly. That's why we have integrated powerful KPI reports into every aspect of SimpleKPI. And what's more - all KPI reports can be generated and exported in a variety of popular formats for internal use such as PDF, Word or Excel.

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Deploy and share an easy to build KPI dashboard

The dynamic and interactive KPI Dashboard provides a powerful top-level summary of the performance of your KPIs.

A variety of KPI Dashboard Templates

Improving performance starts with viewing your data differently. The customizable KPI Dashboard lets you choose how to present your Key Performance Indicators, choose from various chart and data types, league tables, calculated KPIs and widgets.

The KPI Dashboard can be shared with individuals, departments or even those outside your organisation

  • Create and share unlimited KPI Dashboards.
  • View your data from a wealth of perspectives using various graph types.
  • Leverage KPI Templates to get you up and running quickly.
How KPI Dashboards provide real performance benefits

Unravel the story behind your data with KPI Analytics

Dice it, slice it, drill down and analyse it. Using the KPI analytics engine you can see and compare trends over different periods and efficiently getting to the root cause of any anomalies.

Example of the KPI Analytics interface

Getting to the underlying data provides a more complete and transparent approach to KPI management that dashboards alone cannot provide. With greater insight better business decisions can be made based on the correct analysis not just a hunch.

This progress day-by-day gives you the ability to see what is and isn't working and take action.

  • Create and share unlimited KPI Dashboards.
  • View your data from a wealth of perspectives using various graph types.
How will your story unfold with KPI analytics

Powerful KPI tracking and management of your business Key Performance Indicators

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced KPI Management professional, SimpleKPI was built with you in mind. Simple intuitive controls make it easy for anyone to build and manage KPIs.

Adding or editing KPIs, users, dashboards and reports just does not get any easier. The KPI Software Performance Management tools put you in control of your KPI tracking, it allows you to link activities to vision and strategy.

  • Get to the underlying data instantly
  • Compare different time periods or KPIs
  • Rapid KPI Dashboard deployment
  • See the impact of different metrics on your KPIs
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