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Welcome to the KPI Library. Here you'll find lots of industry focused KPIs to help you jump start your performance monitoring. Everything from Call center focused KPIs to Transportation and almost anything you can think of in between.

Each KPI has been created and tested by industry experts focusing on a best practice approach to performance management.

These KPIs and even KPI templates can also be found in your SimpleKPI account by going to the KPIs tab. Feel free to use these KPIs as and where you like.

We're always open to new suggestions and KPIs to include in the library, so if there is some subject, industry or category you think we've missed we'd be happy to know.

KPI Categories

Abandoned Calls

The total number of abandoned calls

Agent Days Worked

The number of agent days worked this month

Average Wait Time

The number of seconds a caller has to wait

Call Center Expenses

Total expenses for the call center

Call Conversions

The number of calls converted to sales

Call Handle Time

The average length of customers calls and associated tasks

Cost Per Call

The number of calls divided by the call center expenses

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Percentage

First Call Resolution

The number of resolutions completed on first call

Inbound Calls

The total number of answered and unanswered calls

Service Level

The number of inbound calls answered within 30 seconds

Total Answered Calls

The number of calls answered

Construction Hours to date

The total amount of construction hours to date

Construction schedule variance

The construction schedule variance

Cost Per Km / Mile

The cost of 1km or mile of construction

Defect rework cost

The total cost of fixing defects

Defects Found

The number of defects found by the client

Projected Construction hours

The projected construction hours

Safety: Reportable Incidents

The total number of reportable safety incidents this period

Square Meter Cost

The cost of construction for a Square Meter

Complaint Percentage

The percentage of complaints received

Complaint resolution time

The time taken to resolve a customer complaint

Customer Complaints: Verbal

The number of verbal customer complaints

Customer Complaints: Written

The number of written customer complaints

Overdue Service Requests

The percentage of overdue service requests or queries

Positive feedback

The number of positive comments and feedback

Satisfaction Surveys

The number of customers or clients given a satisfaction survey

Satisfied Customers

The percentage of satisfied customers this period

Service Desk Costs

The operating costs of the service desk

Warranty Claims

The number of warranty claims this period

Consulting Revenue

Revenue from financial consulting

Cost of goods / Services

Inventory costs of goods or services sold

Daily Cash

Combined Cash Balance

Disputed Invoices

The percentage of disputed invoices


Earnings before interest and taxes.

Financial Reporting Accuracy

The percentage of accurate reports produced each month

Gross Profit Margin

Difference between revenue and cost before accounting for other costs.


The total Margin

Net Assets

The total Net Assets

Net Profit

The measure of profitability after accounting for all costs

Net Profit Margin

Percentage comparing net profit after taxes to revenue

Number of Employees

The number of employees

Order entry

Daily order entry

Outstanding invoice amount

Settlement of Outstanding Invoices

Overdue Invoices

The number of invoices that are overdue


Income received from business activities

Revenue per employee

Revenue by the total number of work force

Working Capital

Current assets minus current liabilities

Cost Per Search

Cost per search

Customer Satisfaction average

The customer satisfaction average

Customer satisfaction completions

The number of visitors completing a satisfaction survey


The total number of Electronic EBooks used

Electronic Expenditure

Expenditure on electronic resources, e-journals, databases

Electronic Journal Downloads

The total number of electronic downloads

Electronic resources expenditure %

Electronic expenditure % of total expenditure

Info Expenditure %

Info expenditure % of total expenditure

Information Expenditure

Expenditure on information, books, journals etc.

Items Loaned

The total number of items loaned

Items loaned per visitor

Average number of items loaned per visitor

Library Expenditure

Total library expenditure

Library expenditure per Visitor

Average spend per unique visitor

Number of Searches

The number of information searches


The percentage occupancy of the premises

Staffing Expenditure

Staffing costs

Total Visitors

The total number of visitors

Unique Visitors

Unique Visitors

Viewings to let ratio

Percentage of viewings to tenancies

Marketing Spend

Total spend including internal and external costs

Budget Remaining

Expenses versus budget year to date

Inbound Leads

The total number of generated inbound leads across all channels

Unique website visitors

The unique website visitors this period

Social Reach: FB followers

The total number of new followers this period

Social Reach: Twitter Followers

The total number of new followers this period

Social Reach: LinkedIn Followers

The total number of new followers this period

Social Reach: Instagram Followers

The total number of new followers this period

Advertising Response Rate

The total number of new followers this period

Net Promoter Score

Customer Loyalty

Cost per lead

The average cost for each inbound lead

Visitor to conversion

The percentage of visitors who complete a given goal

Actual Production Cost

The actual cost of production

Actual Production Time

The actual product time

Availability OEE

The Actual production time / Potential production time

Average cycle time – ACT

Time from the order to the delivery of final ordered product

Cycle Time Ratio – CTR

CTR Standard cycle time / the real cycle time

Labor cost per unit

Total labor costs / number of units manufactured this period

Labor Costs

Labor Costs this period

Number of Days

Number of days units are in the production process uncompleted

Number of units unfinished

The amount of unfinished units in the production process

Potential Production Time

The total potential production time

Production cost variance

PCV - Actual production cost / standard production cost

Production losses

The number of finished products / overall production

Real Cycle Time

The Real Cycle Time

Standard Cycle Time

The Standard Cycle Time

Standard Production Cost

The standard cost of production

Units Manufactured

Units manufactured this period

Units on time

The number of units finished on time

Value of work in progress

The Value of units that are in the production process

Actual Productive Time

The actual productive time of the machine or plant

Carbon Footprint

The carbon usage this period in Tonnes

Down Time Percentage

The calculated percentage downtime of the machine or plant

Planned Productive Time

The planned Productive time of the machine or plant

Product Recycling Rate

The percentage of the product that is recycled

Supplier Performance Score

The total supplier performance score

Supply Chain Miles

Product location to final delivery in miles

Total Waste Created

The total volume of waste created this period

Waste Recycled

The volume of waste recycled this period

Waste Recycling Rate

The percentage of waste that is recycled

Wasted Material

The wasted raw material this period

Actively let properties

The number of actively let properties

Average property letting time

The average time taken to let a new property

Average tenure of property

Average tenure per property over a 12 month period

Early termination

The number of early terminations

Property manager properties

Average number of properties managed per property manager

Property Viewings

Viewings on a property before a successful tenancy agreement

Registered / Actively looking

The number of registered people looking for properties

Re-letting time

The average number of weeks taken to re-let a property

Rent Arrears Evictions

Percent of tenants evicted as a result of rent arrears

Reported Defects

The number of defects reported per month

Seeking Possession Served

The number of possession orders served

Average Basket Spend

The average amount spent per transaction

Average Shopping Time

The average shopping time for the period

Cost of Goods

The retail price minus the markup = Cost of Goods

Customer Retention

The number of repeat customers compared to first time purchasers

Fixed Cost Per period

The total cost of opening for the period

Gross Margin

Total sales minus the cost of goods

Gross Sales

The total value of all sales

Net Sales

Gross Sales - Returns and Allowances

Offline Sales

Offline Sales / In-Store

Online Purchases

Online purchases

Online Vs In-store purchases

The percentage of online to store purchases

Retail Price

The total cost of Goods plus the markup

Returns & Allowances

The values of Returns & Allowances

Shop Visitors

the number of visits

Transaction Count

The amount of transactions

Visitor buying Ratio

Visitors buying ratio

Attempted 'Up Sales'

The number of attempted 'Up Sales' by unit

Average Sale Revenue

The average revenue per sale

Closing efficiency

Number of quotes to closed sales

Cost of Sales Force

The cost of the sales force

Face to Face visits

The number of face to face customer visits

New Sales Percentage

New versus repeat sales percentage

New Sales Revenue

Sales Revenue From New Customers

Number of Sales

The number of sales by unit


The number of opportunities / leads /contacts

Proposals Issued

Number of proposal issued

Proposals lost

No. of lost proposals.

Prospect Meetings

The number of prospect meetings


The number of quotes by unit

Repeat Sales Revenue

Sales Revenue from Repeat Customers

Sales Pipeline Value

The current value of sales opportunities

Sales Revenue

Sales revenue for this period

Successful 'Up sales'

Number of successful 'Up Sales' by unit

Up-selling Success Rate

The percentage of successful up-selling attempts

Value of Quotes

The Value of Quotes this period

Average site time

The average visitor time on the website

Blog Posts

The number of blog posts this period

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate this week

Case Studies

The number of case studies this period

Clicks from Google

The number of clicks from Google

Goal Conversion Rate

The percentage of visitors to a site that have completed a set action or goal

Google impressions

The number of Google impressions this week

Inbound Links

The number of inbound links to your website

Keyword position

The position of searched keyword

Natural Search Traffic

The number of visits coming from natural searches

OSOV - Online Share of Voice

The ratio of positive, negative and neutral comment about your product, service or company

PPC Traffic

The number of visitors from PPC

Press Release

The number of press releases this period

Returning visitors

No. of Returning Visitors to your website

SMM Post Activity

The number of posts, blogs or tweets this period


The number of tweets this period

Unique website visitors

The total number of unique visitors this period

Webinars this period

The number of webinars produced this period

White Papers

The number of white papers produced and distributed this period

Active accounts

The total number of active / paid accounts

Bugs Reported

The number of bugs reported this period

Canceled Demos / Webinars

The number of canceled demos / webinars this period

Converted Trials

The number of trials converted into paid accounts

Cost per paid account

The total cost of obtaining a new account

Cost per trial

The cost per trial

Demo Requests

The number of demo requests

Live Demo / Webinar completion

The number of live demos / Webinars completed this period

Multiple Logins

The amount of users that login more than once

New Data import

The number of accounts that have added their own data

New Trial Accounts

The number of new trial accounts

Online Marketing Spend

The total cost of online marketing this period


The number of releases this period

Trial Conversion Percentage

The percentage of trials converted into paid accounts

Visitor / Trial Percentage

The number of visitors that convert into new trials

Webinar / Demo success

The number of Demos / Webinars into paid accounts

Average ETA

The average estimate time of arrival

Booked future pickups

The number of pickups booked for a future date

Canceled Pickup / Orders

The number of pickups or orders canceled

Damage Rate

The damage percentage of total deliveries

Delivered On time %

% of orders delivered on time


Total Deliveries for the period

Drivers Absent

The number of drivers currently absent

Fleet Costs

Total running costs per vehicle (new fleet)

Incorrect or No Paperwork

Incorrect or no paperwork

Late deliveries

The number of deliveries arriving outside the time slot

Number of Drivers Available

The total number of drivers available for the period

On Time Deliveries

Number of Deliveries completed on time

On-site damage

Damages discovered after unloading delivery

Operating Vehicles

The # of vehicles operating in this period

Pre-loading Damage

Damage found prior to loading

Premium pickups / orders

The number of premium pickups or orders

Routed Distance

The total Kms or Miles in a direct route

Routed Hours

Total hours in a direct route

Total Pickups / Orders

The total number of pickups or orders per day

Transit Damage

Damage discovered before unloading after transit

Unable to deliver

The number of deliveries unable to be fulfilled

Warehouse Space

Space left in the warehouse Msq

Wrong Delivery details

The number of incorrect delivery details

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