Inbound Calls

Measuring all answered and unanswered calls as a Performance indicator

The total number of calls being charted on a line graph

What are Inbound Calls?

Inbound calls also known as inbound call volume is the total number of calls made from external contacts to the call center. These calls are specifically related to the product, service or survey that the organization is currently engaged. They are one of the easier call center KPIs to track and includes both answered and unanswered calls. Most call forwarding systems automatically track the number of inbound calls.

Inbound calls serve as the basis for many other important KPIs such as the cost per call, the call handle time and the call conversion. All of which rely on this foundation KPI to calculate their values.

Measuring this KPI can also offer valuable insight in resourcing of a call center. The data can clearly define those times that the call center needs additional staff and even periods such as seasonal cycles that demand more call center staff to handle busy periods.

Using this KPI for identifying areas in either a product or service that are operating lower than expectations can offer insights for improvement. The volume of calls may suggest for example an issue with supporting documentation or a usability issue. The volume may also indicate the popularity or demand for products and / or services.

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