Agent Days Worked KPI

Tracking agents days to improve call center performance

Agents working days being tracked on a bar chart

What are Agent Days Worked?

Agent Days Worked refers to how many days, weeks or months the employee worked during a certain period. It's an important KPI for monitoring and improving performance levels of employees and gauging resource and workload.

Not to be confused with Agent Absenteeism, it is important to understand your workforce through the additional work or workloads they are experiencing not just the days they are missing.

Historically call center staff would physically record the outcome/conclusion of telephone calls along with an estimated time. With the advent of social media, email and live chat to mention a few - call center agents now cover a wide range of communication channels, each with different characteristics. These subtle differences between channels can add to the workload of Agents and subsequently the overall days an Agent is working.

In addition to worked days, it’s important to track and understand the different tasks and activities within a day that are being undertaken. Occupancy Rate, together with Agent Days Worked and an activities breakdown can complement each other for a complete picture of Agent productivity.

How to improve call center efficiency with Agent Days Worked KPI?

Due to the complexity in channels and increasing expectations there can be a decline in productivity rates if an agent works at a continuously excessive rate. As a result, punctuality rates can decrease, and the Agent Absenteeism rate could rise.

Understanding how Agency Rates are impacting your productivity levels can be difficult, however tracking this KPI can help:

  • See critical points in your employees constantly overworked hours, days or months.
  • In understanding when it’s time to employ more people.
  • Increase the initial ring time and experiment with varying message frequencies.

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