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What is First Call Resolution?

First Call Resolution (FCR) also known as first contact or one-touch, is used to measure the percentage of customers calls that are resolved in a single engagement. The KPI can be calculated by taking the number of customer issues that are received and resolved in a single call by the total number of issues raised in the same period.

FCR is important as it provides both the call center and the customer with a mutually beneficial outcome. The customer is happy that their issue is resolved quickly, and the call center is happy that the calls were dealt with efficiently – satisfied customers, support staff, great customer service and lower costs.

How to improve your FCR

Aside from the reduction in operational costs, employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction. First Call resolution can be a great indicator of the knowledge and training needs required by staff or any issues with process or even call answer automation. FCR is a call center is one of the most important Key Performance Indicators to track and try to improve. Here are a few tips to reduce your FCR:

  • Monitor your most requested issues and look at either automating the most frequent response through a call management system.
  • Increase the knowledge of call agents for the top three most frequent issues through a continuous training program.
  • Feedback issues received on the product or service including any documentation, where improvements will help to reduce these types of calls from being made in the first place.

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