Total Answered Calls

Measuring Agents Performance

A chart displaying total calls answered for a call centre

What are Total Answered Calls?

Answered calls, also referred to as total engaged calls is a direct measurement of all inbound calls that were answered by an agent during business hours. This metric is a direct descendant of Total Calls and is often visualized alongside other call metrics such as, Missed Calls and abandoned calls.

This metric is also used in calculated KPIs to provide performance on the percentage of answered calls with the aim to improve the efficiency of a call center.

A call is deemed as answered when there is a talking event between an agent and caller. This measurement is often clouded when calls that are answered and responded to by an automated call system is included in the figures.

Total Answered calls by agent can also be used as a top-level indicator, or a pre-cursor for additional investigation. For example, Total Answered calls maybe tracked by agent and then broken down to display specific agent related metrics such as the Average Call Length. This can provide an indication into either into how efficient or inefficient an agent is at handling a caller's request.

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