Customer Satisfaction KPI

Measuring and engaging more efficiently with customers

The Percentage of satisfied customer detailed on a line graph

What is Customer Satisfaction?

The customer may always be right but not necessarily a satisfied one. Its clear that more satisfied customers make more repeat sales, spread their great experience via word of mouth and social media and simply make companies more successful.

The Customer Satisfaction KPI as a percentage can offer you a high-level or overall view of your progress towards satisfaction across departments that deal with pre, and after sales customer care.

It can be used in conjunction with other Customer focused KPIs such as Net Promoter Score, First Time resolution and customer effort score.

Managing your customer satisfaction is essential in gauging that your complete sphere of customer engagement is meeting their expectations.

How to increase customer satisfaction

Increasing customer satisfaction can be the difference between an organizations success and failure, here’s a few pointers on keeping customers satisfied through all areas of your customers interactions:

  • Use customer loyalty techniques such as remembering birthdays, offering pre-release sales offers and investing in loyalty card schemes.
  • Set expectations from initial communications. Reducing over enthusiast product claims and, not promising the earth builds trust and sets a more realistic level of expectations.
  • Leverage the use of email in your customer satisfaction strategy. By sending timely reminders, links to associated resources and feedback surveys it provides the customer with a sense of value and added value.

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