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Monitoring expenses to reduce cost and increase profitability

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What are Call Center Expenses?

Call center expenses refer to all costs involved in operating a dedicated call center. These expenses typically cover, Infrastructure, Salaries and HR costs, Training and software, but may also cover external costs such as recruitment and maintenance.

As more organizations discover the benefit and need to operate their call centers internally. Others have realized that the traditional functions of a call center are now expanding into other channels such as live chat and social media, along with additional costs.

Tracking these expenses can give greater insight into where the costs are exceeding their limits, and proves the detail required when looking to streamline or reduce these costs.

Reducing Call Center Expenses

Reducing Call Center Costs can be as simple as:

  • Hiring employees through internal channels and taking call center recruitment tasks in house.
  • Invest in more robust and intelligent call routing software. This software can help direct internal calls to the most appropriate agent as quickly as possible, reducing the number of agents required to deal with enquiries.
  • Investigate the cost of ownership of bespoke software applications and consider using subscription-based software that can scale as and when you need.
  • Aim to increase ‘first call resolution’ – this will have a direct impact on the resource levels needed.
  • Focus your call handlers at specifically busy times.

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