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What is the KPI Generator?

It's an AI-driven KPI Generator that simplifies the process of researching, organizing, and constructing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This can be across all types of industries, job roles, and business areas.

This versatile tool serves multiple purposes:

  • Takes the effort out of creating KPIs.
  • A resource for discovering industry best practise KPIs.
  • Great starting point for KPI tracking.
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How does it work?

The KPI Generator utilizes our custom AI engine, trained with over 14 years of KPI data across thousands of industries and business areas.

The engine generates KPIs specifically for your unique prompt, providing the KPI name, description, an example, when to use it, and the formula. Results can be downloaded into a spreadsheet or imported into a SimpleKPI account for tracking.

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How to use the generator

  1. Enter a prompt that best describes the KPIs you are looking for, such as 'KPIs for my coffee shop' or 'Marketing KPIs for selling watches online.' The better the description, the better the result.
  2. Click the Generate button, and our AI will get to work.
  3. Bingo! Your results are displayed based on your initial prompt, and if the results aren't quite what you're looking for, try again.
  4. From the results page, you can choose which KPIs to download or open in SimpleKPI by using the toggle switch.
  5. Once you've selected your KPIs, simply download them to a spreadsheet or open them in SimpleKPI. Don't worry—if you don't have an account, you can sign up with your KPIs for a 14-day free trial.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. Every part of the KPI can be customized once you have opened them in SimpleKPI.

No. These KPIs are completly free to use. They are created from commonly used KPIs across multiple industries.

KPIs are almost always created using formulas that contain metrics. You need to add data to these metrics to calculate the KPI correctly.

No, you dont need to enter your email to use the genrator or to download the KPIs. If you wish to open them in SimpleKPI then you will need to create an account with your email address.

You can choose to download the KPIs to a spreadsheet and add data manually, or you can create an account with SimpleKPI and track your KPIs on Dashboards and Reports.

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