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Measuring conversion rates to improve sales

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What are Call Conversions?

Call Conversions are the percentage of calls made or received by an agent or operator that concluded in a successful event, such as, a sale or subscription. Call conversions are typically tracked using percentages but can also be tracked using ratios.

Call conversions are a direct result of the performance of all stages of the sales funnel. From the number of leads, the number of calls, the number of decision makers successfully engaged, through to the final close. Call conversions can also be tracked as the result of a direct sales campaign that generates inbound calls.

The very thought of any type of 'sales call' can send many people running of the exits. But nonetheless this type of channel can be an effective source of sales revenue, and tracking Call Conversions can highlight issues with data, agent performance or even product desirability.

Increasing Call Conversion Rates

Increasing Call conversion rates can have a large impact on revenue streams, that’s why this KPI is a key metric to monitor and aim to improve:

  • If you’re not tracking the various stages of the sales funnel from lead through to close, then you only have a limited view of the issues with the funnel stage. Look at segmenting and tracking each phase independently.
  • Aim to improve the number of decision makers in your data list, this may involve data cleansing techniques but will drastically improve conversion rates as up to 90% of an agent’s time is spent on identifying and reaching these people.
  • Pre-calls 'Warm ups' such as introductory emails can help validate decision makers and make the call seem less intrusive at a later date.

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