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The most popular KPIs for measuring progress towards your SEO goals.

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8 KPIs

A carefully selected set of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) focused KPIs for monitoring your online marketing activities and campaigns. This SEO template is designed to track and monitor KPIs such as KPIs such as, inbound links, OSOV, SMM Post activity, blog activity and Bounce Rate. Internet and digital marketeers, developers, marketing managers and even amateur web enthusiasts can benefit for using these metrics to monitor their SEO efforts. This template has been provided by SEO professionals to create a base set of the most important SEO KPIs to track and improve your website performance in search engine rankings.

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KPIs in this template

  • Average site time

    The average visitor time on the website

  • Bounce Rate

    The bounce rate this week

  • Goal Conversion Rate

    The percentage of visitors to a site that have completed a set action or goal

  • Inbound Links

    The number of inbound links to your website

  • Keyword position

    The position of searched keyword

  • OSOV - Online Share of Voice

    The ratio of positive, negative and neutral comment about your product, service or company

  • SMM Post Activity

    The number of posts, blogs or tweets this period

  • Unique website visitors

    The total number of uniquw visitors this period

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