Human Resources KPIs Template

The most popular HR KPIs combined into a single HR KPI Template for those involved in Human Resources performance tracking.

About this Template

16 KPIs

A set of Human Resource focused KPIs design for all industries to assist with various aspects of managing employees such as Cost per hire, Health Care Costs and HR Expenses. These KPIs can be utilised by HR managers and resource professionals to measure their recruitment and retention performance. Every KPI within the HR template has been selected by industry experts to offer a unique set of KPIs in which to create or optimise your own HR performance strategy.

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KPIs in this template

  • Absence Rate

    Measure of Absenteeism

  • Agency Fees

  • Average number of employees this month.

  • Days taken to hire

    Total days elapsed to fill positions.

  • HR Advertising Costs

  • HR Expense Factor

  • HR Expenses

  • Number of days absent in a month

  • Number of Hires

    The total number of new employees hired this period

  • Number of Workdays

    The total number of working days minus no working days

  • Recruiter Pay

    All associated recruiter pay this period

  • Relocation Costs HR

    The total cost of all relocations this period

  • Total cost of healthcare

  • Total Employees

    Total number of Employees this period

  • Total Operating Expenses

  • Travel Costs of applicants and staff

    Total cost of applicants and staff - HR

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