Construction KPIs Template

Essential Construction KPIs to identify productivity, safety and delivery issues.

About this Template

9 KPIs

A set of KPIs aimed at the construction, building and engineering industries to track performance in areas such as safety, productivity and delivery. They provide construction companies with a means to determine how closely projects met the initial objectives and helped to reduce costs. In addition, these metrics are instrumental in improving quality and managing the critical health and safety aspects of the building industry. Each KPI within the template has been selected by industry experts to offer a base set of KPIs in which to create or optimize your own KPI strategy. These KPIs offer a best approach to providing the data needed to make informed decisions on many aspects of a building project from design to implementation and safety.

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KPIs in this template

  • Construction Hours to date

    The total amount of construction hours to date

  • Construction schedule variance

    The construction schedule variance

  • Cost Per Km / Mile

    The cost of 1km or mile of construction

  • Defect rework cost

    The total cost of fixing defects

  • Defects Found

    The number of defects found by the client

  • Projected Construction hours

    The projected construction hours

  • Safety: Reportable Incidents

    The total number of reportable safety incidents this period

  • Square Meter Cost

    The cost of construction for a Square Meter

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