Financial KPIs Template

A collection of the most common financial KPIs for any organisation.

About this Template

11 KPIs

A carefully selected set of financially focused KPIs for companies of all shapes and sizes. This template is designed to track financial KPIs such as Disputed Invoices, EBIT, Revenue, working capital and departmental budgets. Each KPI within the template has been selected by a financial expert, offering a base set of financial KPIs in which to provide a standard approach to financial KPI tracking. These KPIs offer a best practice approach to financial performance tracking. Feel free to select and use these KPIs and metrics for your own performance tracking initiative.

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KPIs in this template

  • Cost of goods / Services

    Inventory costs of goods or services sold

  • Disputed Invoices

    The percentage of disputed invoices

  • EBIT

    Earnings before interest and taxes.

  • Gross Profit Margin

    Difference between revenue and cost before accounting for other costs.

  • Net Profit

    The meassure of profitability after accounting for all costs

  • Net Profit Margin

    Percentage comparing net profit after taxes to revenue

  • Number of Employees

    The number of employees

  • Overdue Invoices

    The number of invoices that are overdue

  • Revenue

    Income received from business activities

  • Revenue per employee

    Revenue by the total number of work force

  • Working Capital

    Current assets minus current liabilities

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