SaaS KPIs Template

Focus on performance and growth by implementing these 25 fundamental SaaS KPIs.

About this Template

25 KPIs

A set of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) aimed specifically at SaaS businesses. The KPIs in this template can help track and visualise performance in areas such as, customer acquisition, conversion ratios and account churn, as well as financial KPIs covering monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and revenue expansion metrics. Each KPI within this template has been specifically selected from experienced SaaS professionals, ensuring a best of class approach to performance management.

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KPIs in this template

  • Account Churn %

    The percentage of accounts that have cancelled this period

  • Active accounts

    The total number of active / paid accounts

  • Bugs Reported

    The number of bugs reported this period

  • CAC

    Cost to Acquire Customers

  • Canceled Demos / Webinars

    The number of canceled demos / webinars this period

  • Churned Accounts

    The number of cancelled accounts this period

  • Converted Trials

    The number of trials converted into paid accounts

  • Cost per paid account

    The total cost of obtaining a new account

  • Cost per trial

    The cost per trial

  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

    Customer Lifetime Value of existing customers

  • Customer Retention Rate

    The rate at which you are retaining customers

  • Demo Requests

    The number of demo requests

  • Live Demo / Webinar completion

    The number of live demos / Webinars completed this period

  • Monthly Unique Visitors

    The number of unique web users / visitors per month

  • MRR

    Monthly Recurring Revenue

  • New Trial Accounts

    The number of new trial accounts

  • Online Marketing Spend

    The total marketing costs including salaries, PPC, Advertising, PR

  • Releases

    The number of releases this period

  • Revenue Churn %

    The percentage of cancelled account per percentage

  • Trial Conversion

    Trial Conversion Rate

  • Trial Conversion Percentage

    The percentage of trials converted into paid accounts

  • Trials

    The number of trials this period

  • Users to Conversions

    The number of web users / visitors to converted customers

  • Visitor / Trial Percentage

    The number of visitors that convert into new trials

  • Webinar / Demo success

    The number of Demos / Webinars into paid accounts

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