Call Center focused KPIs Template

Essential customer service KPIs; measure, monitor and improve your call centre performance.

About this Template

13 KPIs

A set of KPIs aimed at calls centers and companies who handle customer calls internally. This template is designed to track service levels, Call Handel Time resolutions and Customer Satisfaction. Each KPI within the template has been selected by call centre experts to offer a base set of KPIs in which to create or optimise your own customer service KPI strategy. These KPIs offer a best practice approach to call centre and customer service related calls.

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KPIs in this template

  • Abandoned Calls

    The total number of abandoned calls

  • Agent Days Worked

    The number of agent days worked this month

  • Average Wait Time

    The number of seconds a caller has to wait

  • Call Center Expenses

    Total expenses for the call center

  • Call Conversions

    The number of calls converted to sales

  • Call Handle Time

    The average length of a call

  • Calls Conversion Percentage

    The percentage of calles converted to sales

  • Cost Per Call

    The number of calls divided by the call center expenses

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Customer Satisfaction Percentage

  • First Contact Resolution

    The number of resolutions completed on first call

  • Inbound Calls

    The total number of answered and unanswered calls

  • Service Grade

    The number of inbound calls answered within 10 seconds

  • Total Answered Calls

    The number of calls answered

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