Library KPIs Template

Performance improvement focused KPIs for educational and public libraries.

About this Template

19 KPIs

A library focused KPI template designed to assist in the performance monitoring of public and educational library facilities. This template assists in monitoring library KPIs such as items loaned per visitor, library expenditure and information expenditure. Each KPI has been designed by carefully selected to offer a manageable set of library KPIs – which will provide a standard approach to library KPI monitoring.

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KPIs in this template

  • Cost Per Search

    Cost per search

  • Customer Satisfaction average

    The customer satisfaction average

  • Customer satisfaction completions

    The number of visitors completing a satisfation survey

  • EBooks

    The total number of Electronic EBooks used

  • Electronic Expenditure

    Expenditure on electronic resources, e-journals, databases

  • Electronic Journal Downloads

    The total number of electronic downloads

  • Electronic resources expenditure %

    Electronic expenditure % of total expenditure

  • Info Expenditure expenditure %

    Info expenditure % of total expenditure

  • Information Expenditure

    Expenditure on information, books, journals etc.

  • Items Loaned

    The total number of items loaned

  • Items loaned per visitor

    Average number of items loaned per visitor

  • Libary Expenditure

    Total library expenditure

  • Library expenditure per Visitor

    Average spend per unique visitor

  • Number of Searches

    The number of information searches

  • Occupancy

    The percentage occupany of the premises

  • Staffing Expenditure

    Staffing costs

  • Total Visitors

    The total number of visitors

  • Unique Visitors

    Unique Visitors

  • Viewings to let ratio

    Percentage of viewings to tennancies

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