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Top performance Rental and lettings KPIs.

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11 KPIs

Rental and Lettings KPIs provided by industry professionals to track performance in this industry sector. Areas such as actively let properties, property viewings, re-letting times and rental arrear evictions are covered within this template. These KPIs can be used by various job roles that are responsible for the management and rental of properties. Each Rental KPI found in this template has been provided by lettings experts to offer a base set of KPIs in which to create or optimise your own Lettings and Rental KPI strategy.

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KPIs in this template

  • Actively let properties

    The number of actively let properties

  • Average property letting time

    The average time taken to let a new property

  • Average tenure of property

    Average tenature per property over a 12 month period

  • Early termination

    The number of early terminations

  • Property manager properties

    Average number of properties managed per property manager

  • Property Viewings

    Viewings on a property before a sussesful tennancy agreement

  • Registered / Actively looking

    The number of registered people looking for properties

  • Reletting time

    The average number of weeks taken to re-let a property

  • Rent Arrear Evictions

    Percent of tennats evicted as a result of rent arrears

  • Reported Defects

    The number of defects reported per month

  • Seeking Possesion Served

    The number of possesion orders served

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