Sales KPIs Template

Crucial sales KPIs for reporting and performance improvement.

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# of KPIs:

A complete Sales KPI template aimed at all companies focussed on Sales, Sales reporting and revenue generation tracking. This template helps track performance in areas such as opportunities, prospects and up sales. Sales professionals and managers can benefit from selecting and using these metrics to help monitor and improve sale performance. Each KPI within the template has been selected by sales experts to offer a consistent approach to Sales monitoring, performance improvement and reporting.

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KPIs in this Template:

Attempted 'Up Sales'

The number of attempted 'Up Sales' by unit

Average Sale Revenue

The average revenue per sale

Closing efficiency

Number of quotes to closed sales

Cost of Sales Force

The cost of the sales force

New Sales Percentage

New versus repeat sales percentage

New Sales Revenue

Sales Revenue From New Customers

Number of Sales

The number of sales by unit


The number of opportunities / leads /contacts

Prospect Meetings

The number of prospect meetings


The number of quotes by unit

Repeat Sales Revenue

Sales Revenue from Repeat Customers

Sales Revenue

Sales revenue for this period

Successful 'Up sales'

Number of successful 'Up Sales' by unit

Upselling Success Rate

The percentage of successful upselling attempts

Value of Quotes

The Value of Quotes this period