A simple solution to user management

Paulo De Sousa Published: 

We've been busy putting together one of our more technically challenging releases. Essentially, tackling the two-pronged problem of Managing Users and grouping data for reporting.

From the very outset we've aimed to make SimpleKPI the easiest and most intuitive KPI Software solution available. However, data can be complicated, assigning data to different departments can be tricky, and managing user hierarchies on top of all that can make your head spin.

So, we are pleased to announce a new release that tackles these challenges. You can now create manager to user relationships as simply as selecting who that manager can manage.

Multiple hierarchies can now be created using the same method without having to assign users to groups and placing mangers within groups. Not only is this far more flexible, it also means that easily implementing deep hierarchies is now possible.

These changes are now live on your SimpleKPI account. To add a new manager, follow these steps:

  • Head over to the user management section.
  • Create a new user and select ‘Manager’ as the user type.
  • Choose the users that this manager manages.

Note: you can also choose whether a manager can create and edit KPIs or even if they can enter KPI data.

To learn more about the new manager features and roles and privileges, check out the support documentation.

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