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What is a Fitness Club KPI Dashboard?

A Fitness club KPI dashboard is a membership-focused club management tool to monitor business performance. These dashboards will cover various key aspects of the business, such as membership, finance, customer service, and resourcing.

Managers and owners can use the data produced from membership software and lead generation to create charts and graphs on dashboards – making the information easier to digest.


Fitness clubs, Gyms, and exercise clubs rely on memberships to sustain their business. These memberships can be provided on a month-by-month or annual basis and may include weekly classes.

This type of business model is focused on attracting and retaining members on a daily basis; therefore, a dashboard that provides trends, insights, and real-time data is essential.

This dashboard is divided into two examples of core elements of a fitness club business model.


Tracking the relationship between adverting, leads, and conversions can help reduce the cost of on-boarding members. This includes looking at seasonal trends, particularly in January and the end of summer, to maximize the cost to acquire members.


The LTV (Life Time Value) of a member is a crucial metric that can be the difference between profit and Loss, which ultimately dictates the growth rate of the business.

When coupled with traditional metrics like additional revenue, a complete picture of the clubs finances can be examined on a dashboard in real-time.

Who benefits from this dashboard?

The fitness club industry is renowned for its faced paced energetic business environment. It goes without saying that that energetic business style goes hand in hand with the competitive environment of fitness and gyms clubs.

This limits the amount of time business owners need to focus on the metrics required to make the business successful.

With a KPI Dashboard, owners and managers have immediate access to metrics such as client retention rates, newly subscribed members, and which advertising channels are the most successful.

With forecast-centric KPIs such as LTV and CAC, owners and managers can plan initiatives to obtain and retain members more effectively.

Relevant KPIs & Metrics

  • Membership Revenue
  • Additional Revenue
  • New Members
  • Number of Classes
  • Attendance percentage
  • LTV Member Lifetime Value
  • Advertising Spend
  • Online Membership Conversions
  • Offline Membership Conversions
  • Member Conversion Rate
  • CAC Cost to Acquire Customers
  • Club Total Expenses
  • Profit
  • Member Retention Rate
  • Walk-in Subscriptions

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