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What is a Human Resources Dashboard?

A Human Resources (HR) dashboard is a performance tracking tool that visualizes relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) related to all aspects of HR functions. Key metrics and measurements such as absence rates and employee levels can be displayed using easy to understand trend graphs and charts.

Who is this dashboard for?

This dashboard is designed to be used by HR practitioners, resource managers and any executive tasked with monitoring staffing levels and welfare. Employees are the single most important assets to any business and tracking and monitoring not only individual performance but the working environment.


Stay informed and ready to meet everyday challenges in the HR department. From managing recruitment effectiveness and both internal and external costs related to hiring good talent this dashboard will help you achieve both. Initiatives and recruitment drives can be tracked and analyzed to optimize their effectiveness in future hires.

Employee happiness is the single most important factor in retaining talent in a highly competitive recruitment environment. Tracking metrics and KPIs that monitor the mood of employees will not only help retain valued employees but reduce recruitment costs in the long run.

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Relevant KPIs & Metrics

  • Absence Rate
  • Total HR Costs
  • Average Number of Employees this month
  • Number of Hires
  • Agency Fees
  • Days taken to Hire
  • Average Number of Employees

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