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What is a Marketing Dashboard?

A Marketing dashboard is a performance and activity tracking tool focused on visualizing marketing associated KPIs and Metrics. They combine data from both online marketing channels such as Pay Per Click Advertising with offline, more traditional forms of marketing such as Trade Show or Exhibition metrics to provide a complete picture of marketing performance - whilst allowing marketers to track and produce Return on Investment (ROI) information.

Who is this dashboard for?

Marketeers can leverage this dashboard to measure performance across a wide spectrum of marketing activities. Seeing all the related metrics in a single place allows for more efficient KPI tracking and reporting. Additionally, insights and opportunities can be uncovered by analyzing incentives and promotions alongside associated or underlying data.


Modern day marketers need to manage costs and produce detailed ROI evidence to justify that the budget is maximizing revenue opportunities and inbound leads. With the ever-increasing channels available to promote and market products and services it’s important that this it’s not spread too thin - and that campaigns, budget and effort are directed to the most successful channels.

Luckily the data generated particularly by digital marketing and online incentive can be easily consumed to create trend and performance graphs, charts and lists that can help make judgments and allocations far easier.

Dashboards provide an effective platform to summarize this data and metrics into actionable KPIs that retain the underlying data for strategic analysis.

With the vast amounts of data generated, marketing dashboards typically can target specific areas such as:

  • Social Media
  • Web Analytics
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Digital Marketing

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Relevant KPIs & Metrics

  • Marketing Spend
  • Budget Remaining
  • Leads Goal
  • Website Visitors
  • ROI
  • Leads by channel
  • Social Reach

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