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What is an Essential Business Dashboard?

An essential business dashboard is a tool for collating data relating to an organizations day to day activities and presenting that data in a graphical format, such as graphs and charts. This type of performance tracking allows companies to quickly see the performance of various areas of the business. A business dashboard also provides a platform for management decisions to be made based on current and historic performance trends.

Who is this dashboard for?

This dashboard is for those business managers and owners that are new to tracking KPIs, or those wishing to expand their current performance spreadsheet to a dedicated system. The KPIs within this dashboard are designed to cover the most fundamental areas of a business, or to be used as a basis for implementing a performance tracking strategy quickly.

The essential areas of performance:

Leads by channel: Ensuring that you have market visibility, desire for your product and a good marketing strategy culminates in one thing, leads. Tracking leads would be the first step in any conversion metrics you wish to improve

Sales by volume: Tracking the raw sales as a number is a great indicator that answers the fundamental questions surrounding product appetite. Overtime this indicator also provides valuable trend data used to help seasonal adjustments in stock and marketing activities.

Delayed Delivery: The most important indicator of your level of service in getting your products to customers. Focusing on the delays and their reasons can help you adjust processes that boost customer satisfaction, and repeat sales.

Customer Complaints (by cause): Tracking the number of customers and the types of complaints can give you an indication of how well your total sales process, form marketing to after sales support is performing.

Gross Profit Margin: This indicator simply tells you if your business is healthy and growing and if your pricing strategy is on the mark

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  • Leads by Channel
  • Sales/li>
  • Delivery
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Satisfied Customers
  • Revenue

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