A new set of construction KPIs have been added.

It's that time again! November has brought us a brand new KPI template …

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Construction KPIs Template update

It's that time again! November has brought us a brand new KPI template for the construction industry.

Efficient project management, scheduling and financial discipline is the key to a successful construction operation. These KPIs help maintain a level of performance and quality - and encourage improvements in safety.

This template is targeted at the whole sphere of construction – including engineering, building and architecture. It covers common ground such as safety, delivery and the production of materials necessary to fulfil the project. Industry experts have provided valuable contributions to this collection of KPIs, all designed to collect and visualise important KPI information. These KPIs are available within KPI and are available free to use.

Building and maintaining your construction KPI system could not be easier.

The new Construction KPI Template can be found here.

We’ve also been busy in the KPI Library, by adding an additional 150+ KPIs across a range of industries.

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by Stuart Kinsey

Stuart Kinsey writes on Key Performance Indicators, Dashboards, Marketing, and Business Strategy. He is a co-founder of SimpleKPI and has worked in creative and analytical services for over 25 years. He believes embracing KPIs and visualizing performance is essential for any organization to strive and grow.

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