It’s a New Year and weve added some more KPI templates

Paulo De Sousa Published: 

A Happy New Year to all - and a big thank you for the last 12 months.

And what better way to start the new year than with a new KPI template. As you can imagine SEO is quite important to us, monitoring these KPIs are vital for many companies that trade any form online.

It is imperative to track SEO KPIs to not only ensure a consistent number of visitors to your site but also to track progress and increases in visitor numbers.

This template comprises 8 core KPIs to provide a foundation to build upon or tailor to your own needs. These KPIs are designed to track website performance from unique visitors to inbound links. And by utilising the automated google analytics feed most of these KPIs can be automated from your google analytics account and then merged with existing KPIs to create better insights between business and SEO performance.

The new SEO KPI template can be found here

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