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At a glance - Discover the features of SimpleKPI

SimpleKPI is a complete online KPI reporting, tracking and analysis system developed to simplify the process of managing KPIs. It reduces the time taken to merge numerous data sources like spreadsheets into meaningful real-time information. Explore the extensive array of features:

KPI Reporting

SimpleKPI offers a complete range of multi-dimensional reports that relieve the burden of KPI reporting collation and distribution as well as providing detailed analysis of statistical data. They offer both a summary and detailed view of KPI performance with the ability to modify all aspects of the KPI structure such as frequency, user, group and time period.

SimpleKPI comes loaded with a set of predefined reports to get you started, highlighting the best and worst of you KPI performance, KPIs by entry and by User. Users can customize any aspect of the KPI reports, these can then be saved, shared with other users of the system or publicly published.

More KPI Reporting Features:

  • 12 Standard Reports
  • Unlimited Custom Reports
  • Report Sharing
  • Report Breakdowns
  • Report Public Sharing
  • Scheduled Reports
  • Export to PDF / Excel
A full list of KPI Reporting features, including videos and tutorials can be found at the knowledge center.

KPI Analytics

So you have the results but something just doesn't look right, you want to get deeper into your data? The KPI Analytics tools within SimpleKPI provide an intuitive environment to start investigating your data. Comparing KPIs or even date ranges across your data is as simple a selecting and viewing. The interactive chart also provides filter options so you can drill down into your data, select different departments and even users.

Listing KPI data allows you to see exactly those entries that are causing concern.You can save any of your analytics views for reference, and even export the data via Excel or PDFs.

More KPI Analytics Features:

  • Save custom Analytics Views
  • Compare KPIs and Dates
  • Export Analytics views
  • Filters and Breakdowns
A comprehensive overview of KPI Analytics is available at the knowledge center.

KPI Dashboards

The KPI dashboard helps you monitor and analyze all of your KPI information in one place. It allows you to monitor individuals, departments, teams or the company as a whole. The data can be displayed in graphs, league tables and any number of widgets. The Dashboard is designed to be fully customizable so you can present the best way of displaying your KPIs. You can setup multiple dashboard to present different areas of KPIs you want to visualize and each dashboard can be shared with other users or even shared publicly.

The numerous charts available on the dashboard are designed to give you a near infinite way of representing your KPI data, from simple line graphs to multiple KPI visualizations and even gauges that display RAG and goals.

More KPI Dashboard Features:

  • 30+ Chart, Graph and Guage types
  • Share and Copy Dashboards
  • Public Share Links
  • Embed charts in your own Website / Portal
  • Customize charts / Dark and light theme
  • Unlimited Dashboards at all role levels
  • Dashboard Template Examples
A complete overview of KPI Dashboards can be found at the knowledge center

KPI Data Entry

The system offers a simple and intuitive 'one point' of entry for KPI figures, teams and individuals no longer have to juggle with spreadsheets to submit their KPI figures. It's all controlled conveniently in one place. KPIs are divided into their different frequencies for ease of entry and a calendar control allows users to either toggle through previous periods or select an historic date.

Managers and Directors can use the data entry screen to access their user's entry sheets, make corrections or change targets.

As well as manual entry, users can also upload their data using spreadsheets - and for ease of reporting both a PDF and excel export feature are available.

More KPI Entry Features:

  • Single and Spreadsheet Mode
  • Import Data
  • Export to PDF
  • Export to Excel
A full list of features for the data entry page, including videos and tutorials can be found at the knowledge center.

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