KPI Dashboard Visualise your Key Performance Indicators with KPI Dashboards

Quickly identify your performance factors with KPI Dashboard

Just as an aircraft dashboard displays all the information you need to ensure a safe, efficient and smooth journey, a KPI Dashboard highlights Key Performance Indicators that are critical for an organisation to function more efficiently.

SimpleKPI comes complete with a versatile KPI Dashboard that enables you to draw KPI information from the system and display a complete, simple, and graphical view of your organisations performance.

Quickly identify your performance factors with a KPI Dashboard

Easily see trends and be alerted to KPIs that have exceeded their thresholds. The KPI dashboard helps you monitor and analyse all of your KPI information in one place, it allows you to monitor individuals, departments, teams or the company as a whole. You can then share read-only KPI Dashboards with the management team, customers and virtually anyone else.

Create KPI orientated Pie Graphs

Using the KPI Dashboard in SimpleKPI

KPI Dashboard benefits:

  • React quicker

    KPI dashboard reporting displays an instant snapshot of performance.
  • Save time

    KPI dashboard reporting reduces the amount needed to collate reports and analytics compared to traditional KPI Reporting approaches; a simple KPI dashboard will display all your critical information at a single glance. This saves time and resources.
  • Stay Focused

    Users can access there KPIs and performance data whether they are in a meeting on the road or simple at their desk.
  • Automated

    Track the essentials for your business. Don't get distracted by information overload or static outdated reports.
  • Ability to provide detailed and accurate performance reporting.One version of the truth.
  • Make informed business decisions on real time information.
  • Share KPI information inside and outside your organisation.

Visualise the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are the most important to your business performance as soon as you log into the application. A SimpleKPI dashboard enables you to analyse data such as sales revenue or customer profitability and drill into the data to spot root cause. Dashboard graphs and a growing array of widgets and charts are easily configured to the needs of each individual, giving the whole team instant access to the information needed to make better decisions.

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