Cloud served KPI Software

Stuart Kinsey Published: 

Cloud based computing refers to almost any hosted software or service that is delivered over the internet. This provides companies and business users with numerous benefits. Businesses of all sizes can depend on large computing and storage muscle in the cloud without having to invest in expanding IT infrastructure or support staff.

Cloud based KPI Software is provided on the Software as a Services (SaaS) model and unlike traditional BI applications that require onsite deployment, upgrades and support, cloud based KPI Software needs only an internet browser to provide a complete BI Solutions.

The findings of a recent survey conducted by Forrester Research (Delivering on High Cloud Expectations) concluded that 58% of organisations run mission critical systems in the cloud; and that in the next two years this will increase to 79%.

The benefits of a cloud based KPI Tracker

  • Cloud based software offers flexibility and scalability: – It’s simple to provide more processing or storage resources as your requirements change.
  • Reduced software and IT costs – IT infrastructure and specialised support costs are provided as part of the license fee.
  • Disaster Recovery – Opting for a cloud based KPI service provides security and continuation of service if the business needs to operate after a disaster.
  • In-house IT reduction -There is no need for additional internal IT staff training in order to support and maintain the software.
  • No on-going development costs - As part of the license fee the company benefits from automatic upgrades in functions, features and the latest training information.
  • Reduced hardware and maintenance costs. As all the servers and maintenance are managed by the provider there is no strain on the IT budget.
  • No setup time: As the KPI software is available online, there is no setup time.
  • No setup costs or capital outlay
  • Cancel anytime – If for whatever reason you wish to discontinue with the software, there are no penalties, no investment is lost and no IT costs or hassle associated with onsite software removal.

SimpleKPIs, real-time cloud based KPI tracking software is delivered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for browsers and mobile access to your key performance indicator (KPI) data.

It is an online application that offers businesses the ability to create, manage and analyse their KPIs – Key performance indicators on any browser based device.

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