Measuring KPI performance

Stuart Kinsey Published: 

The term KPI has always been overused, it has provided a "catch all" for any form of data, metric or statistic used to track performance, this over-employment has also attracted its own taglines such as "What gets measured gets done" or "you can’t manage anything unless you measure it". Simply put; we measure performance for many reasons, however all come from the same foundation:

To improve areas of the business.

To monitor and focus our resource

To comply with external governmental or legislative procedures

Using KPIs can give your organisation the right information to keep on track and grow, when implemented correctly they can be an instant indicator of the health of the business. They also serve as strategic measures to determine where you are and where you want the business to be.

And KPIs can also be a great way to show added value to clients and suppliers. And now with shared dashboards, reports and embedding this can be implemented hassle free.

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