The 5 notable benefits of KPI reporting

Paulo De Sousa Published: 

KPI reporting has the ability to communicate the progress of a company towards its performance goals. What I like most about KPI Reporting, however, is the fact that it’s instant, transparent and always accessible. But that’s just personal preference; here are the top 5 KPI reporting benefits in order of priority from our users, many thanks to all for their contributions.

#5 Performance Visibility
Keeping actual metrics visible to everyone such as scores shows who is; and more importantly who is not performing.

#4 Performance evaluation
Actual data allows a fact based management approach, the difference between working hard and being busy.

#3 Directs behaviour
If an employee knows how they are measured their behaviour is adjusted to perform towards that measurement.

#2 Improves decision making
The ability to make quicker, informed decisions based on factual data.

#1 A complete overview of progress towards goals
Providing a rudder to the ship and charting progress towards the goal, with critical data for adjustments to the course if needed.

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