How many KPIs should you have?

Stuart Kinsey Published: 

The single most frequently asked question we get is ‘How many KPIs should I have’.

With process hats firmly in place, we obviously recommend that finding the right KPIs for your business is more important than the number; each process to define the right KPIs to meet business goals is unique for each company and the actual numbers can vary.

However true this is - it’s not really the answer people want to hear, they want something tangible, a starting point to begin the process, a number to focus the ‘KPI storming’ meeting capable of churning out countless KPIs.

So we set a challenge to once and for all pin our colours firmly to a number.

Equipped with lots and lots of KPI data, client feedback, numerous practical examples and our best number crunchers; We sliced diced, analysed and theorised whilst gorging on copious amounts of cookies – and came up with the magical number of 7 (Or less).

It seems that for all processes, the ‘KPI storming’, the data, and the theory, the most practical memorable and manageable amount of KPIs per user is a magical 7.

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