Interface update for SimpleKPI

Stuart Kinsey Published: 

Not that getting SimpleKPIs major overhaul ready for the spring was challenging enough, we have also been beavering away at updating the website at the same time. The old site had simply run its course, it no longer provided us with a viable platform to engage current clients and wow new ones. The New site will be more dynamic, efficient and above all else will personify what SimpleKPI is about – oh and it will look a lot more sexy.

From the outset of the website rebuild we had some good ideas about the structure, content and images – all this kindly supplied by our user base. In terms of the structure we added more flexibility in enabling us to add more sections to the site without burying the content too deep that it would never be found. The content now provides more direct and concise information while keeping its friendly tone.

We'd love to hear feedback on this latest interface update and any of the other SimpleKPI features.

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