A new manufacturing template with KPIs added

Stuart Kinsey Published: 

Keeping up with your output, and knowing exactly where everything is at every stage of the manufacturing process can be a headache without the proper KPIs.

To help get started we’ve put together a template of the most common manufacturing KPIs for you to tailor to your requirements.

The manufacturing KPIs set is aimed at the manufacturing and engineering industries. These KPIs can help track performance in number of days, production losses and standard cycle times. Every KPI within the manufacturing template has been chosen by industry professionals, ensuring a best of breed set of KPIs to optimise for your industry.

The new manufacturing KPI Template can be found here.

We’ve also been busy in the KPI Library, by adding an additional 100+ KPIs across a range of industries.

Update: We've now updated the Manufacturing KPI template to include 4 more KPIs: throughput, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Suppliers Quality and Yield.

We'd love to hear feedback on this new template and any of our other updates.

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