A new way to manage your KPIs

Stuart Kinsey Published: 

July 2017 Update: KPI Management reloaded.

KPI Management has received an overhaul in our Summer update, this release is aimed at making, finding and managing KPIs even easier.

We've streamlined many aspects of KPI management, such as the introduction of a search facility, a new way to manage groups and a series of tools that will streamline how you interact with your KPIs.

As companies grow with SimpleKPI so does the amount of data, dashboards and reports – and inevitably as the benefits of tracking become apparent through the organization more and more KPIs are needed to see performance across the entire spectrum of business activities. With this latest update, we hope to have not introduced lots of admin features but also simplified the process of managing KPIs.

The interface has also been upgraded to offer a more intuitive layout in line with May’s user admin update.

We'd love to hear feedback on this and any of our updates.

More performance insights, Templates and KPIs can be found by visiting KPI Central.

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