Google Sheets and SimpleKPI the perfect match

Stuart Kinsey Published: 

At SimpleKPI we're passionate about helping small and medium sized businesses manage and visualize their performance. That’s why we’re excited to announce today our all new integration with Google Sheets. Google Sheets is a convenient and simple way to capture data and as it’s in the cloud it’s a great way to share access and collaborate.

We’re combining all these great google sheet benefits together with a complete KPI management system with SimpleKPI. This integration allows you to pull any of your Google Sheets data into SimpleKPI seamlessly.

This new feature brings together even more external data sources directly into SimpleKPI. This allows data to now be consumed automatically and displayed in KPI Dashboards, Reports and Analytics. Any of your KPIs currently in Google sheets can also be consumed in formulas and merge with other data sources to make convenient KPIs for greater real-time insights.

We are committed to streamlining the relationship between customer data and the valuable insights that visualising performance provides. This makes our recent integration between Google Sheets and SimpleKPI the perfect match.

The new integration is available on your current SimpleKPI account. You can access the integration by heading over to manage my > data sources and completing the quick setup.

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