SimpleKPI recieves a speed and mobile updates

Paulo DeSousa Published: 

December 2016 Update: Speed and Optimization

Performance is king, with this latest update we have jacked up the power and speed of the application making it faster and more responsive than ever.

Critical areas of the application have received a well needed boost, namely the processing of data for the dashboard making graphs appear seamlessly and retrieving even the largest KPI data queries to display in the reports section.

We’ve also been focusing on visualising the application across even more mobile devices. As mobile technology moves ever faster and the growing demand to visualise KPI dashboards on tablets and phones increases - it has been imperative to implement many more optimisation changes across the software that will provide a degree of future coverage on the next generation mobile devices.

All of these updates are now live on both subscribed and trial accounts, delve in and let us know what you think.

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