SimpleKPI August Update 2014

Paulo De Sousa Published: 

Until now Dashboard sharing has been restricted within the system but you can now choose to publicly share your beautifully crafted and insightful dashboards with colleagues, clients or the whole world simply by sharing with them your unique dashboard link.

And sharing is as simple as creating your dashboard and generating a public link, then whatever data is updated in your SimpleKPI account will show in real-time on your public KPI dashboard. Learn more about public dashboard sharing.

We have improved our PIE graphs with the addition of a multiple KPI graph. You can now select which KPIs to display across the graph and as with all the SimpleKPI graphs you can customise these to you hearts content

Some other notable changes and fixes:

  • Super caching has been implemented across the application, making dashboards lightening quick.
  • Fixed an issue with negative RAG not displaying properly.
  • Added two new date ranges to the graph controls.
More information about public Sharing can be found on our support site
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