More video tutorials released

Paulo De Sousa Published: 

Our support team are constantly working to deliver the very best customer service. Recently, they have been busy creating a whole series of mini video tutorials - all designed to get you up and running as quickly as possible, showcase new features or provide tips to seasoned users.

There are 16 videos it total covering all aspects of SimpleKPI, all organised into logical areas representing different sets of functionalities. The videos can be used as training for companies and individuals to get up to speed with the system. Or as reference videos to show how the features and functionality works before they try use this on their own accounts. The videos range from Adding your first KPIs to importing users, and from the basic functions of the system through to data integrations.

These videos are also a great way to keep up with all the functionality changes and new features of the system.

You can explore the new videos on our dedicated SimpleKPI support portal.

More performance insights, Templates and KPIs can be found by visiting KPI Central.

Paulo De Sousa

Paulo writes on the technical side of KPI Tracking. He is a co-founder of SimpleKPI and has worked in the development and SaaS field for over 20 years.

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